Event Profile

Personal Development Series: Adapt, Grow, and Thrive

February 25 — April 20, 2021

Who Should Attend:

Anyone wanting to develop personally and professionally.

Series Overview:

Personal development is key to a successful career. This three-part series on personal development will help you adapt in challenging times, grow your skills, and thrive in the workplace. You may register for each one separately or for all three at a discounted price.

Growth Mindset - A Not-So-Secret Trait to Unlock Creativity and Opportunity, February 25, 2021

How we think about situations can change from negative to positive, and having a growth mindset sets the stage for creativity and opportunity. Individuals who believe their talents can be developed through hard work, good strategies, and input from others have a growth mindset; these individuals tend to achieve more than those with a more fixed mindset. Having a growth mindset often drives people towards learning and growth opportunities, leading to more success in all aspects of their lives. What's more, when entire companies embrace a growth mindset, their employees report feeling far more empowered and committed; they also receive far greater organizational support for collaboration and innovation. Learn what a growth mind set is and, more importantly, how to develop one for yourself and encourage others to embrace their own growth mindset.

Resiliency - Staying Strong in Challenging Times, March 23, 2021

When a flight attendant instructs passengers to “put your own oxygen mask on before helping others in the event of an emergency," that is what resiliency is all about. You can better help others when you have first taken care of your own needs. Knowing that life is full of ups and downs and being able to quickly bounce back and dust yourself off during the downtimes is not always easy, but one can learn and practice steps that build resiliency. The need to stay strong, positive, and solution-focused is always important, but more so in these challenging times. This session will focus on practical ways to understand and build your personal resiliency so that you can take on whatever comes your way.

Developing a Personal Brand, April 20, 2021

Whether it is intentional or not, we all have a personal brand, so why not cultivate a strong one? Your personal brand speaks to who you are and what others expect from you. Having a strong personal brand is more likely to lead to positive opportunities and outcomes. Embracing what makes you unique and enabling others to view you in a positive light helps build a positive reputation and lasting impact at your organization. What do you want to be known for? This webinar will explain the components of a personal brand, and help you create one that works for you.

Webinar Recordings:

Webinar recordings can be made available to registrants who are unable to attend live.

Webinar Instructor:

Tami Mack, North Star Leadership Group

Webinar Schedule:

The webinars will be held on February 25 from 2 to 3:30 p.m., and March 23 and April 20 from 10 to 11:30 a.m. PST. Attendees will be admitted 15 minutes before the webinar begins.

How to Participate:

Instructions will be emailed to attendees within 12 hours of the webinar and we recommend that you test the link to the meeting as soon as you get the instructions. The webinar is best viewed using Chrome as your browser. We recommend that you use a landline for both your phone and your internet connections.

Webinar Fees:

Individual Attendee Registration - All Three Webinars:

    Utility Member Rate: $240
    Associate Member Rate: $360
    Non-Member Rate: $720

Attendee Group Registration - All Three Webinars (up to four attendees)*:

    Utility Member Rate: $600
    Associate Member Rate: $900

*If your organization would like to send multiple attendees to this event, please contact Roy Cevallos at (360) 816-1446 or roy@nwppa.org for further details.

Cancellation Policy:

Cancellations are accepted, with full refund, if request is made at least 30 days prior to the course. Within 30 days, fees are as follows: 15-29 days, $100; 1-14 days or no show, 100% of registration fee. When possible, please send a substitute instead of canceling; NWPPA does not charge a fee for substitutions.

Continuing Hours:

This series qualifies for a total of 4.5 continuing hours (1.5 hours per course). Certificates are issued upon full completion of the course.

For More Information:

To find out more about this course, to register, or to learn about other events, view the Training and Event Catalog.