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A Guide to the Wonderful World of RUS Accounting

Anchorage Hilton

If your heart skips a beat when accounting is mentioned, fear not. The balance sheet is not a reason for anxiety; there’s more company gossip here than in the break room. In this one-and-a-half-day course, we’ll discuss USOA......

How to Perform an Arc Flash Hazard Calculation Study – IEEE 1584

Hotel Murano

According to OSHA 1910.132(d), the employer is responsible to assess the hazards in the work place, select, have, and use the correct Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and document the assessment. To assess the hazards......

Managing in a Multigenerational World

The world of work is changing every day and it is important to find different ways to enrich, grow, and retain our new workforce. In this session, we will focus on strategies for coaching, feedback, performance, and motivation. You will learn......

Accounting & Finance Fundamentals for Utility Personnel

Anchorage Hilton

This one-and-a-half day course has been designed by Kim Mikkelsen for all employees of utilities, and is based on the premise that "every employee and every task performed at the utility has an impact on the ultimate bill sent to a member/customer."......

Substation Series: Substation Transformers & LTC Maintenance

Hotel Murano

This one-day class is intended to provide an overview of the latest industry techniques in substation transformer and single-phase/three-phase load tap changer (LTC) maintenance......

Qualified Worker Training - OSHA 1910.269

Hotel Murano

This one-day class is designed to teach the skills required to enter secured areas. The course covers federal regulations related to entering a secured area; minimum approach distances or clearances; personal protective equipment......

Substation Series: Substation Battery Maintenance and Testing

Hotel Murano

This one-day class is intended to provide an overview of the latest industry techniques in substation battery and battery charger specification, maintenance, and testing. Discussion will......

NWPPA Annual Conference & Membership Meeting

Sunriver Resort

Register Now! Inspiration, Innovation, and Information is the theme of this year’s Annual Conference and Membership meeting. Topics to be addressed include......

NWPPA Annual Meeting Golf Tournament

Sunriver Resort

Meadows Golf Course is acclaimed architect John Fought's latest creation. The course features tremendous variety within its 18 holes, seven of which border the meandering Deschutes River. Fought's design......

Annual Meeting Pre-Conference Class: Electric Utility System Operations

Sunriver Resort

This popular one-day course presents a clear understanding of the technical heartbeat of the utility by providing employees with a comprehensive understanding of electric utility system operations, including generation......

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