John M. George Public Service Award

This is a public service award to recognize policymaking officers of member systems that have demonstrated remarkable service to public power. It is presented at NWPPA’s Annual Membership Meeting in May.

Ivan C. Laird was the first recipient of the John M. George Public Service Award on May 7,1968. The award was established by the NWPPA Board of Trustees on March 29,1967, to honor policymaking officers of consumer-owned utilities for outstanding public services.

Laird’s citation noted his “especially distinguished career in public service” including his presidency of Coos-Curry Electric Cooperative, presidency of the Northwest-Southwest Intertie Committee, past president of NWPPA, and service on the Public Power Council. He also was commended for his community service, including work through the Grange for construction of the Bonneville Dam.

Eligibility: Any public or appointed official of an NWPPA member utility whose activities have demonstrated outstanding service to furthering the goals and objectives of public power.