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Leadership Skills #4: HR Basics & Building a More Effective Workplace

Anchorage Hilton

This course is for personnel who wish to obtain an overview and basic working knowledge of employment and labor laws that affect their business. On day one, attendees will cover......

Montana Engineering Roundtable

Wilderness Club

The long-standing NWPPA Montana Engineering Workshop is designed to offer learning and networking opportunities for engineering personnel from electric utilities throughout NWPPA's membership within Montana. This is your chance to......

Administrative Professional Certificate Level 2: All Four Days

Courtyard by Marriott Richland

This is a four-day series of classes which provides utility-specific information directed toward administrative assistants and executive secretaries who want to become more effective in managing their tasks and in communicating with others......

Administrative Professional Certificate Level 2: Day 1 - Critical Thinking and Decision Making Skills

Courtyard by Marriott Richland

This course is designed to help individuals develop and build decision-making, critical-thinking, and problem-solving skills. Participants will learn about various methods for assessing and resolving problems and for understanding......

Administrative Professional Certificate Level 2: Day 2 - Positive Assertiveness

Courtyard by Marriott Richland

This one-day course reiterates that there is a right way and a wrong way to state your case in a forthright manner. The answer is not aggression or passivity; it is positive assertiveness. This class focuses on......

Administrative Professional Certificate Level 2: Day 3 - Organizational Skills; Time & Stress Management

Courtyard by Marriott Richland

Few would argue that life and work are hard enough without the complications surrounding self-defeating emotions, behaviors, and habits. The multiple forces that bear down on us every day can eventually take their toll; no wonder......

Administrative Professional Certificate Level 2: Day 4 - Personal Strategies for Navigating Change

Courtyard by Marriott Richland

In today’s workplace, employees are experiencing tremendous changes in organizational strategies, in the way work gets done, and in the way people work together. These changes present new demands and challenges for every......

Disaster Management for Electric Power Systems - CANCELLED

Hilton Vancouver Washington

The National Infrastructure Protection Plan identified electric power systems as critical infrastructure (CI). The interdependencies between the electric and other CI sectors, necessitate a common understanding by electric system stakeholders......

Engineering Webinar Series - Understanding Conductor Characteristics


Conductor is one of the largest capital investments for the utility. Staking technicians must understand conductor characteristics to ensure longevity of the conductors installed on the distribution system.......

How to Use the More Powerful Together Collateral


Most consumers do not understand why a public power utility is different from other energy sources. In fact, they don’t really think about anything utility as long as the lights come on and ...

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