Call for Nominations for NWPPA Awards

Public Power owes its beginnings to innovative, forward-thinking individuals and companies. This heritage continues through a new generation of individuals that are leading the industry into the future. Since 1940, NWPPA has recognized these types of individuals as well as utilities for their work on behalf of the western public power community. It is through their hard work, dedication to the ideal of public power, and their commitment to the community that we have an opportunity to thank and recognize these individuals and organizations. NWPPA asks you to consider nominations for individuals and/or organizations that should be recognized for their contributions to the industry and their community. We urge you to participate in making the NWPPA awards program as meaningful as possible by bringing our attention to those individuals who are most deserving of recognition for their work on the behalf of public power. You have the opportunity to bring recognition to a deserving individual or organization, all it takes is a few minutes of your time.

Click the award name below for details about the award, nomination criteria, and the nominating process for each of NWPPA’s awards.



Annual Meeting AwardsOpen DateClose Date
           2022 Homer T. Bone Award12/01/202102/15/2022 Nominate
           2022 John M. George Public Service Award12/01/202102/15/2022 Nominate
           2022 Life Member Award12/01/202102/15/2022 Nominate
           2022 Paul J. Raver Community Service Award12/01/202102/15/2022 Nominate
           2022 Wm. “Bill” McCrorie Distinguished Service Award12/01/202102/15/2022 Nominate
Engineering & Operations Conference Awards
           2022 Career Commitment to Safety Award12/01/202102/28/2022 Nominate
           2022 Excellence in Engineering and Operations12/01/202102/28/2022 Nominate
           2022 Safety Heroism Award12/01/202102/28/2022 Nominate
           2022 Utility Safety Contest01/04/202202/28/2022 Enter Contest